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Introduce Yourself…

Hi all, Joe here. I am just starting the process and doing tons of research. With kids in college and family scattered around the US, flying to visit is $$$$! So we are exploring the RV experience to travel vs flying, plus we get to bring our dog Dash! #dashinthesun found on instagram.
Happy to be here to ask and share.

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Hey Joe

How does Dash enjoy traveling the van?
Does he find it a little woof?

Hi there joe! Welcome! are you guys already traveling in it or are you converting it? If you are already traveling then where do you plan on roadtripping?


Thanks for asking…We haven’t started yet. I need to find the right van we can to build. But he is a traveler who sits right up and takes in the sights and can then lay down for a nap.

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Still looking for a van. Leaning towards a promaster 3500 but will need to do weight and balance calcs since it is fwd.

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Great, he sounds like he was born for the road
What breed is he?

Sorry been side tracked…he is part min pin and part dead beat dad! He was a rescue from hurricane Irma.

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Miniature pinscher - sounds like they can be a bit of a handful?