Just Starting Out


Introduce Yourself…

I’m still researching, trying to figure out how to launch into the nomadic life. I’m leaning towards starting out in a Prius so I can go to the RTR in January. No matter what I do, it’s a huge scary step; so I’m glad to be here among like-minded folks.


Jump in!

There is no other way :slight_smile: Research as you go is much more enjoyable- I promise.


Nothing to be scared about when you have an entire community to help you out!


Hello I am a newbie as well and will be hitting the road in October. I am taking off in my small SUV and will be at the RTR as well. I have prepared with the basics to live off my vehicle for a year. If it works out I might trade up to a van. It is scary and exciting for me but I am jumping into it. Believe in yourself and safe travels.


I’m so new I don’t know what RTR is. Ugh. Gap between dream life and current knowledge and capacities is vast.


It’s a yearly gathering for nomads. Where we all get together to meet new people within our community and just have fun!


I also don’t know what that is and I’ve been in my van full time for over a year!

Don’t get hung up on catchy words or too much jargon.

And never forget that this is YOUR journey. Not some van-life internet thread’s!

I believe in you!