Just starting out, getting ready!

I am getting ready for van life, I have an entire setup for my Xterra, roof tent, side rooms, solar, water, etc… My question is: where does everybody end up in the winter time? I heard Arizona, where abouts?

Thanks everybody

Greetings & Welcome!

Two of the most popular places are the LTVA’s (Long Term Visitor Areas) around Quartzite, AZ, $180 for ~6 month stay, and Slab City outside of Niland, CA for free.

There is also lot’s of free BLM land in the area, but you are limited to 14 day stays, then have to move 25+ miles away. All are more or less dry camping with no amenities, but some of the LTVA’s might have pit toilets & dumpsters. At least one is supposed to have non-potable water.


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