Just starting a Ford Transit Minibus conversion in the UK

Introduce Yourself…

Hi All

Looking forward to getting to know you all, I work the Festival Summer Season in the UK then I’ll be travelling down to Portugal in the Autumn.

Anyone doing Ford Transit conversions or similar I’d love to touch base?

Just bought a 2003 Ford Transit Jumbo, currently with 17 seats, so its time to strip it and repair the bits of body work.

I’ll be sharing soon on my instagram @tombelgeonne

Great to be here!


Sounds awesome. Where did you purchase it from??

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What type of seasonal job do you have?

How does it have 17 seats :scream:
Could you post a pic of that?

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That’s what my partner and I used to do in the US every summer! This is the first summer in years that we’re doing something different, but it was a lot of fun!

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Hey it was Ebay that came through in the end! Real result. Gumtree and Autotrader have normally been better picking it up in North Devon.

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Yeah I work for Music Festivals all year round but when the Summer Hits its one Festival Field to another for 2 Months.

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YEah will do they’re all coming out though!

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You should also create a new topic in the ‘My Build’ category and document your conversion process. It would be awesome to follow you along on your journey. I’m sure others would love to see it as well!

@HenryCooper Sure will!

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