Just started.......Already confused!

Hi All

My wife and I have recently bought a LWB Sprinter for conversion, we are hoping to get the project completed by summer so we can enjoy the three days of sun we get!

I have worked in construction for a number of years and restore vehicles as a hobby so the joinery and mechanicals shouldn’t be anything I cant handle.

My biggest worry is the plumbing, I will do my research on here but if anyone has any top tips on how to get hot & cold water to both sides of the van please let me know! My pea sized brain cant figure it out at all!

Thanks All!

This is a “low rent” hack idea but would a hot/cold water dispenser do for one side? I started out with that, though the electricity was a fairly big draw on my resourses.
Sounds like you have great skills! Bet you figure it out! :wink:
Welcome aboard Project VanLife! Hope to see updates around the forum! :smiley:

Well welcome. We are in the same boat with the 170 Sprinter in terms of wanting to get built by summer. What we’ve planned is using the Rixens system located on drivers side over the wheel well in the garage area routing hot and cold lines to the shower on the drivers side and to the galley on the passenger side routing at the base of the front elevated bed wall under a bank of drawers that are under the bed. Hope this gives you some more ideas.

Thanks Mav, that sounds pretty similar to what I have planned. if you have any pictures id love to see them!