Just like to introduce myself

Introduce Yourself…

G’day peoples, I’m chatting to you from Narrabeen in Sydney Australia! My names $cott and I work in Sydney as a scaffolder but live in Terrigal (80-90km) apart, I live more in my van than I do in my home as I prefer not to drive back and forth and normally head home on the Friday to be with the fam! I have a SWB Ford Transit, custom draws under a very comfortable mattress, I have an instant hot water system attached to my barn doors which is plumbed up to my water reservoir and gas bottle on the roof for hot showers, been living this way for 5yrs now! So that’s me, look forward to reading all your stories and topics on vanliving!:call_me_hand:t3:


Welcome, Scott - I’m thinking you probably have some good stories to share as well!

Who’s your four-legged friend? :slightly_smiling_face: