Just introducing myself

Introduce Yourself…

What’s up everyone, I’m Dewey. I have no idea what I’m doing but I am happy to be here.

Been wanting to do this since I was 22 years old. Now that 11 years have passed and no longer have student loan debt, I decided to go full send and throw all of my adult money into a huge project…again(first project was a house flip). I Traded in my 2020 Toyota Tacoma for a 2022 Sprinter 2500 4x4. My build budget is around $22,000 over two phases(fall and spring). I plan to break the project up, doing interior first and exterior second. I do not intend to live in the van. I only work 22 weeks a year so this is a 5-21 day long adventure vehicle. Can anyone convince me to go all out and make a land yacht out of this thing?