Jumping in with both feet

I have been working from home for a couple of years now. I am a software developer. I recently sold my house, totaled my truck (it wasn’t my fault). So I bought a van that used to be a auto glass truck. It was never driven in the snow and salt, since they don’t install auto glass when the weather is like that. It came with a 1500 w inverter that is designed to run air compressors and power tools, so it can run a lot of the things I want to run. So I am outfitting it as a mobile office and bedroom, and I’m going to drive from Baltimore to Alabama where my son lives, and see how it goes. I’m pretty sure it’s going to go well and my intention is to drive around America, work 9:00 to 5:00, and explore.
I know a place where they put out used furniture for free constantly it’s in Baltimore, if anyone’s interested I’ll tell you where it is. I’ll upload some pictures of all the stuff they have. I went there and picked up a plywood and solid wood cabinet that when I knock the bottom out of it fit perfectly over the inverter and the battery for the inverter. I like the real wood because it is so much lighter than the composite board that most kitchen cabinets are made from. So far I have it strapped into the corner behind the driver’s seat. Forgive the mess here’s a quick picture:

(Well I’m only allowed to put one picture in a post since I’m new so I think the other thing is more worth a picture than my cabinet)
I’m going to figure out how to bolt that in. The UPS up top is plugged into the inverter, so that if I power computer and monitors from it even if the inverter hiccups the UPS will take up the slack. I plan to set up at least two monitors keyboard mouse full office to do my work and then I already have a metal bed rack that folds up against the driver side wall very neatly. This van also came with and adhesive oven. It’s a metal box with holes that you can slide tubes of caulk into. That assembly is sitting in a cooler and it’s all bolted to the floor behind the passenger seat. It gets heat from the cooling system of the truck. I found that if I put a can of SpaghettiOs in there, in about an hour it’s a perfect temperature to eat.

I’m thinking that if I took a garbage bag and put it down in there around that thing, and filled it up with water, it would get to a perfect shower temperature. And I could take a piece of string and tie it up hoist it up have a little hole in the corner and take a warm shower.
Tomorrow I am going to build the office. And then I think I’m going to hit the road, as long as I can work and sleep and I’m good to go. I’m going to read and learn and create and invent on the way.

I love your creativity! Finding your own solutions is half the fun isn’t it?! You might consider adding to The Build forum as you go!
Good luck out there! :smiley:

This is exactly how the the hot water heater worked on out original van. The coolant was just pumped through a bladder that held water. The entire thing was insulated retain the heat. Was great for a shower if you had driven enough to get the engine hot.

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So very clever! Hearing others creative solutions is a great way to inspire imagination of others! Thanks for sharing!