Jumping in Full Send on a 2023 Ram Promaster 2500 136 Highroof All advice, lessons, pictures, suggestions needed!

Hello everyone! My name is Mike and I recently bought my 2023 Promaster in December and am finally ready to get my build going. I’m looking to get a cad or diagram for the 2023 interrior of the van so I can start cutting the playwood for the flooring and starting the cabinetry, electrical, etc. I bought a brand new van empty so have a completely blank slate to work with. Please advise on preferable insulation guage and manufacturer, noise deadening material and recommended guage, wiring, recommended lights, inverters, etc. Any diagrams of your builds and materials would be helpful also. Much appreciated. I’m going for a bed in the back with a garage under it, a kitchenette with dometic refridgerator and sink. some lights above inset in the ceiling and some shelving above the sink. Trying to keep it pretty simple but I am handy. Electrical isn’t my forte so any help and suggestions there would be appreciated. I’d like to know how many watts for solor I should need. really only going to be charging my computer, will have a maxxair fan and looking to get a renogy 200AH 12 Volt lithium Battery, 140AP Dual Battery Smart isolator, Renogy Battery Monitor, Renogy 20 AMP MPPT Rover Solar Charge Controller and a 270 Watt REnogy Polycrystalline Solar Panel. Any help, guidance, and suggestions would be appreciated! It’s a bit overwhelming at this point but I’m excited to get my feet wet!