Journey of the Lotus (Building out my Transit)

So last over the last year I’ve found yoga, lost over 100 lbs and have started making plans for the future when both kids are off in college. I recently sold my lake house and moved into a rental as the first step in downsizing. I then took some of the proceeds, paid off all my debt, traded in my 4Runner on a 2018 Ford Transit Extended Hi Roof with the 3.5 ecoboost engine. In Yoga terms I’m establishing my foundation for my future. My daughter goes off to University of North Texas this fall and my son has 2 more years of HS left before I can become a digital nomad (I work from home now and can work from anywhere I have WIFI). My goal is to slowly build my van, I’ve named Lotus 1, over the next 2 years.

Step one: Buy a van: 2018 Ford Transit Extended High Roof with EcoBoost engine.

Step two: Take a photo of wife with the van

Step three: Do Yoga in the van

Step four: Add Husky molded floormats because you were too cheap to buy them from Ford

Step five: Buy a bedliner until you can decide on subflooring (or maybe this will be good under the 3/4" plywood as a sub floor since it is molded to fit and is made of closed cell poly, or at least it can later be used as a template for flooring)

Step six: Have friends do Yoga in van

Step seven: Add some Noico 80 mil sound deading to the panels.

Step eight: Good bye to the old wheels and get the new wheels installed at Costco $15 per tire.

More steps to come. Maxx Air fan is here to be installed and my passenger seat swivel is also waiting.


Looking good! Can’t wait to see it’s progress!

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Thanks. I’m not in a hurry and want to do it mindfully so it ends up perfect when i’m ready to full time in a couple years. Until then I plan to make it semi modular until I decide what I can live with, and without. Trying to plan my solar and electrical needs is the mist daunting part.

Hey @Unlikely_yogi really great to see your project, look forward to seeing how you get on and your ideas. I’ve just bought a 2005 Ford Transit, so I have some repair work to do, to get it in good condition but then I’ll be where you are and ready to start the build.

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Love seeing people able to fulfill their dream!

Good luck with everything, see you on the road soon! :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

Awesome. Good luck. I’ll keep an eye out and follow along.

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