Josh Fry Pickup Camper

Hi, my name is Josh. I’m from the suburbs of Chicago and I just bought a 1999 GMC Sierra that I want to build a camper out of the back in.

I’m going to build the frame myself and weatherproof it to survive the elements and my hope is to live out of it for as long as the truck runs.

So whatever help I can find in terms of construction, weatherproofing, and sustaining myself on the road would be greatly appreciated.

Greetings and Welcome!

I can envision one heck of a cab over camper on that rig. If you don’t want do a factory slide in camper, I’d look into the “foamie” camper construction methods. Lightweight but strong.

I’ve helped on a few laminated bond builds too, where you glue your exterior to foam insulation and then to your interior paneling. No ribs needed. Flashing for all the interior and exterior connection joints. Also lightweight and strong.

Windows are your friend, and eliminate the need for leaky roof vents or any other holes in your roof. A couple of opening windows and a ~$20 fan will give you better ventilation than two ~$200+ roof vents. Done right, the windows can be rain proof as well.

I would give serious consideration to a pre-built one, here’s 3 of them in your area:


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