Its That Time Of Year! HOT!

I am looking to cool down my small space.its about 10 ft x 6ft x 6ft. I need to be able to use an ac/cooler with my 200 watt hour portable power pack. Its rechargeable by solar.
Anyway. I thought about going the easy route. Getting tin box, sealing it, get a 12 volt fan, attaching it , puttig a block of ice in it and letting the fan run. I know this wont work, so I thought, replace the ice with a peltier cold sink. I am thinking this wont work either. Might be cleaner though. I have a window unit, but where I am going, it needs to run off my power pack. I have also read about the as seen on tv coolers/ac’s and they just dont work. Terrible reviews.

Do you all have any ideas or have experience with successfully cooling down your small space?


I’ve been successfully using swamp coolers for years, but you need one that will move a lot more air than those little Arctic Air USB ones. Mine uses a 12" 12v radiator fan, and will move a LOT of air.

Swamp coolers work by replacing the hot air inside with cooled outside air, so it should be placed in a window, and then a window on the opposite end should be opened to allow the hotter air to escape.

Desertsun02 on youtube has made many videos about swamp coolers.


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