Is van insulation REALLY necessary?

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I’m considering a life-style change. I live in an urban studio, and am finding that I desire fewer and fewer things, and my tiny space is too big!

I’ve been attracted more and more to minimalism, and I find myself more and more at peace with less and less. the space constraints of a van seems perfect, but I’m not terribly handy and I’m worried about all the BS of installing insulation, and since I want to follow the weather anyway, is it really necessary?

Will I regret not doing it? What to use and how to do it seems so divisive… I’d rather just avoid it. haha.



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Get a passenger van with finished floor/walls/ceiling and keep them intact. Just remove the seats and move your new furniture in and BOOM you’re almost done.


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Rather than inforce your opinion let someone answer the question.

I went with a passenger van, and it has some insulation, but not a lot. Insulation is important to prevent condensation from building up inside the metal shell (causing rust), but I think good heating and cooling are more important. So basically - some insulation is important, but since a van is so small and will quickly react to outside temperature anyway, heating and cooling are more important.


It’s not about enforcing my opinion, it’s about giving people workable choices.

If you have something worthwhile to contribute, please do…


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I feel that was a bit harsh mate as far as I can see Vandweller was answering the question

in what way was he “enforcing” his opinion?

Im reading a lot lately concerning Vandwellers views lest we forget this is a forum that lets people share their experience and knowledge with others, and as fasr as I can ascertain he has been doing this since the 70’s

that makes him more than qualified to voice his “opinion” in my book.

Not wanting to stir up any shit here but I think that peoples posts are their own affair unless they are downright blatantly out of order which it was not.

have a good day dude

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