Is This Van Worth Its Cost?

Hi there! Looking into buying our first van, and we’re hoping for a consult on the worth of the already-converted one we’re interested in!

Here are the specs:

2006 Chevy Express 2500 High-top

169400 miles
15mpg average

  • High roof

  • Queen sized bed

  • Large/deep sink with foot pump and flexible faucet

  • 5 gallon fresh and grey water tanks

  • Coleman 2 burner stove

  • 12V 21 quart fridge

  • NEW Thetford Porta potti 135 - 2.6 gal

  • Folding table

  • Tons of storage above cab and under bed

  • MaxxAir roof fan

  • Single slider window with screen

  • 300amp hour battery

  • 100w solar panel on roof

  • Solar energy charges while running and also through panel on roof

  • All 4 tires brand new
    -Transmission service just completed

  • New air filter

  • Regular oil changes throughout it’s life

  • A/C and heat work well

  • Audio system has usb and bluetooth connection for phones

  • Back up camera provided


  • Slow leak in the power steering fluid **
  • No side doors, only cab and back


We have to books flights to go check it out, but before we do we were hoping that someone with more experience than us could give us any advice on what specifically we should check for, and if this seems like a decent deal in general. Thanks for any help!


Van prices are really crazy right now so ???

~IF~ this is a factory camper, I might consider it. If it’s not, I’d probably run fast in the opposite direction.

100 watts of solar w/ 300ah of battery is a huge red flag. If the 300 was a typo, and it was supposed to be 30ah, the solar is okay, but the battery power is really low.

Without pictures it’s hard to judge the quality, but just remember you are betting your life on whoever built it. I don’t like those kinds of gambles unless it’s someone I know really really well.

I built my camper conversion with more & better amenities than you listed for under $300. Considering inflation, let’s double that…

Checking prices around the USA, I’d say they’re looking for a sucker. A 2 year newer Roadtrek with half the miles just sold for $9k. That’s a top of the line factory camper! Typically, a DIY camper is worth no more, or very very little over the price of an empty van.

I wouldn’t buy anything without side doors either…


“Everything should be made as simple as possible." ~ Einstein

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We recently acquired a 2005 Ford E350 high top paratransport van for well under 10k. I suggest you check the Kelley Blue Book on the vehicle and estimate up on the inclusions to land on a price.