Is This Really Happening? :-D

Introduce Yourself…

Hi everyone! Recently “escaped” nun here, and very drawn to the van lifestyle. I was a Buddhist nun for the last couple of years, but now I can take the monastery with me…in a van! I am still pretty terrified and confused about how to start it all, but my entire being is screaming “yes”! So…let’s see if a vehicle manifests, and start from there I suppose…

Glad there is an online community! Looking forwards to learning from everyone along the way!


Just do what your heart desires, everything else will fall into place.

Where are you located?

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I’m in Halifax, NS, Canada…for a couple of weeks. But I am in transition with no fixed home at the moment. Hoping to have a home on wheels…which is why I’m still undecided on the type vehicle (this may belong in a separate discussion). I would like to be able to stand up in a van-home, but I seem to mostly come across cargo vans in my area at the moment.

Thank you for your encouragement! :slight_smile: I want to trust the unfolding of situations, and sometimes things happen quickly, other times patience is required. This may not quite be the right time yet for whatever reason.


Agreed! But you should still be doing some research

Don’t be afraid to travel a bit for your rig if you do feel like you found “the one”. We drove about 3 and a half hours for ours and are sooo happy we did! We got ours for $1,500! Idk how tall you are but I am 5’3 and can stand in ours. It’s a high top conversion van (Chevy Express 1500). If you are wanting some extra headroom but aren’t wanting to drop money on something like a Sprinter or a Ford Transit, I highly suggest looking into High Top Conversion Vans. They tend to be lower mileage and way cheaper! Plus - every mechanic knows how to work on them!

Thanks for the tips and encouragement! Yes, research is the phase. I feel a bit too clueless to buy anything right now, but slowly reading up on the options and keeping an eye on what people are selling and for how much.

Conversion van would be lovely except I’m thinking I will probably require a more stealthy option with less windows. I’m toying with the idea of getting a regular cargo van and adding a simple high roof on it…somehow. But until then, here’s to more knowledge and experience gathering.