Is this insulation or sound deadening or both?

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Im new here and am just starting my build. i will be building a frame for my subfloor and was looking at sound deadening/insulation for the floor followed by 12mm Marine plywood… I found this stuff which seems very reasonable priced however i don’t believe it does both insulation and sound deadening. As most videoes i see on youtube etc people use two different materials, 1 for insulation and 1 for sound deadening.

Any feedback on this is appreciated.

FYI i am in Victoria australia and dont require super good insulation due to the climate i will be using the camper in

Further details about the product

It appears to be insulation by the statements,- “Keeps your interior cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.” “Effectively blocks 97% of radiant heat transfer.”

Bottom line is that anything that adds thickness and slows the transfer of heat is by definition, insulation. You can contact the company to see what the R-value is, then compare that number to the R-value of other types of insulation.

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A link to this might be helpful. The picture looks like that asphalt crap that you definitely don’t want. No brand name listed!!! That’s a HUGE RED FLAG all by itself. It appears to be for houses, and houses & vehicles are two very different applications.

The OEM material that has these properties is more like a heavy felt, not PVC & rubber/foam. It is not waterproof, and in fact is designed to wick any moisture away from the metal.

In vehicles, moisture barriers are not generally recommended because they tend to trap moisture where you don’t want it rather than prevent it.


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I’m a newbie, too. Thank you for the information.