Is this diesel heater exhaust safe?

Hi everyone! My partner and I are working on converting our Renault Trafic into a campervan. We just installed our Maxpeedingrods diesel heater and now we’re having second thoughts about our exhaust pipe and have a few questions that some of you may be able to help with…

  1. We made use of this hole in the chassis/frame of the van to pass the exhaust through. Is this okay? Is it going to get too hot and have any negative effect on the metal it’s very close to and touching in places?

  1. I’m pretty sure we need to insulate the entire exhaust on top of any recommendations you make based on the above. I gather ceramic fibre insulation is the best approach and would be grateful for recommendations on brand or type for this application.

  2. If we have to re-route the entire damned thing, do you have any thoughts on how we can do that safely? We know we shouldn’t make tight bends in the exhaust or have it travel up again after going down to avoid moisture build-up, but we seem to have very limited options under the van.

Thanks so much in advance for any help you folks can give!

The heat on the exhaust in my experience doesn’t get too bad. I would definitely plug the hole with silicone or something heat resistant so you don’t get exhaust leaking back into the van. Is this one of the self contained units with it’s own tank for fuel?

If it’s a webasto style i’d be interested to know why you didn’t cut a hole for the air intake and everything?

Thanks for your reply. I think the image is giving the wrong impression. That isn’t the exhaust poking out of the van, but just through a metal part of the chassis. We’re using a Maxpeedingrods diesel heater which fits through a metal turret through the floor of the van, and then the hose is connected to that, so no fumes are going back into the van at all (we tested with a CO2 monitor).

Should the exhaust be insulated, do you think?

I’m assuming we shouldn’t point it at a tyre like this either… (Actual pic of it in its current state)

I have a video that I wish I could upload here to show the full route of the exhaust.

Thanks for replying - grateful for your advice and time!

No I don’t think so, ours is not insulated and the exhausts on these things are all the same tubing. I would buy extra length of that exhaust hose though and make sure it is piped out to the outside and not just dumping under the van. There is a reason the vehicles exhaust comes all the way to the outside and isn’t just dumped out of the bottom of the engine under the vehicle. Sure it may not be coming in with your testing now, but do you really want to take that kind of risk?

One other thing, I believe that the mufflers work better the closer they are to the exhaust. So you may want to cut that hose and move it as close as you can. I could be wrong on this point but remember something about that.

Ah - yes, we were discussing moving the muffler further down towards the exhaust anyway, so glad to have a second opinion on that. We’ll definitely re-adjust the exhaust as you describe, but it’s good to know we’re not doing anything dangerously out of the ordinary. Really appreciate your help!