Is there mobile windmill for a van? (to complement solar panels?)

just curious, is there some sort of mobile windmill for electricity to be installed on our vehicles?
curious if there is indeed something like that to have more consistent electricity even at night.

glad if anyone who can give some advice! :smiley:


I know they use them on boats. I prefer to camp in non windy areas myself.


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No, there isn’t (off the shelf)… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make one! :wink:

Wind generators are quite common in boats and while I would imagine you’d get in a help of trouble for driving in the highway with one, you could easily build on that was removable and simply plugged in once you found a campsite.

I would probably look for a used generator from the sailing forums (or just go to boatyards) and then make the mods to fit into your vans 12V house battery system.

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