Is the 30 minute van shower possible?

Hey all,

We’re in the process of shower design, and hit on the idea of recirculating water, and filtering it each cycle.

Here’s the build so far (more on IG)

If it worked it would be incredible, but we’re not seeing anyone else doing it so thinking there might be a couple 'gotcha’s.

Here’s our basic diagram. Water flow would be controlled with a manual switch at the Y before the filter, as well as in the shower basin.

We trust our filter completely. It’s from these guys:

But our concerns are:

  • can filters handle detergent and soap?

  • will we have to change our filters a lot more?

  • if nobody else is doing it, what are we missing?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

There’s a guy that owns a solar company and lives in a van that designed a system like this. He filters and recirculates the water and also uses a UV light to kill bacteria. He’s 100% on solar power and even has radiant heat in the floor. The following video is someone giving a tour of this guys van. He talks about the shower at the 10:23 mark. You get a glimpse of the setup, if you can glean anything from it. If nothing else, you can contact the guy. The video is from October 5, 2018.

And please keep us updated on your progress! I’m keenly interested and it’s pioneers like yourselves that make big differences in the lives of others. Get this to work and I’d be more than interested in installing it! Best wishes!

We will do some digging and let you know how it goes. Thanks


I’m not sure I like the idea of recirculating shower water, but if you have a tankless on demand water heater, and an endless supply of water, it’s pretty easy.

At 1/4 gallon per minute, one of my 7 gallon water jugs could get pretty close. Normally I do quick showers, but occasionally if I’m boondocking near water and the weather is good, I’ll enjoy a long shower, or even a bath.


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Hi, I saw something like this on instagram called Loopz. They offer a filtration module suitable for van builds. Maybe it’s interesting?

Check out Curt and Snow on Youtube. They have a recirculating shower. I am currently building one based on their design.