Is it necessary to varnish?!


Working towards van life, I’ve got plywood flooring which is going to have carpet put on top. Is it really a must to varnish these plywood sections if they’re only to be covered? Might seem really obvious what to do, just need to be sure so time isn’t wasted! :slight_smile:


In my opinion if you don’t varnish the plywood and then cover it you risk trapping moisture between the carpet and van floor therefore possibly warping your plywood down the line. Just my opinion. I know it can be a messy pain. Good luck!



Why a wood floor? The passenger van scheme has already perfected the perfect amount of insulation, with no rust or moisture problems. They use a thick pad felt pad on the metal floor and wheel wells, that wicks any moisture away to be evaporated out through the carpet.

No sense trying to reinvent the wheel when it already works perfectly.


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