Irreplaceable Items


We’re planning a two week road trip/vacation in August. This will be our first time sleeping in our van!! I’m curious of what everyone has learned that they find they absolutely love and could not live without having this “one” item with them on trips. I don’t mean the build of their van. More like travel items.


I personally love taking my tablet with a keyboard with me. That way I can easily blog on the go. It is small enough that I can bring it with me as we go places and the keyboard let’s me type quickly and edit easily. I’ve tried doing it on my phone, but I can’t as easily select a sentence or two and move them without the keyboard.


A hammock and pillow-blanket for the colder nights !


Oh yes, a hammock is on my list!


A nail brush is essential.


A camera because we…

“collect moments, not things” :wink:


My travel must have is a scarf/pashmina/head cover or whatever you want to call it.
But it’s so versatile and you can always have it on you. I use mine for protection from the sun when it’s hot, a blanket for when it gets cold/windy, and as a towel for if I get wet.

I’ve loved having mine since I bought it and it’s a staple for my travels now