Inverter jumping from low to high power!?

We have just brought a half finished sprinter conversion. Everything seems to be working great but we are stumped with a power problem.

All the lights work perfect. However, whether we flick the power sockets on the dial goes from the very top of the green to the bottom of the yellow in a matter of minutes. Then when it reaches the bottom the plus cut out, the dial leaps back up to full and the cycle starts over again…and again…and again.

We have two solar panels and a EDECOA 2000W.


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Can you tell us what is running off of the electrical plugs? Two things come to mind:1) you are trying to run something on battery power that your system isn’t designed to run with just batteries or 2) there may be a bad ground/shorted power wire. Others on here may have better help to provide. It will help to know what all is wired to what.

Thanks for your response! Barky anything. Tried it with a phone charger and also a small oil defuser.

It’s almost as if we’re running a microwave! But the extra confusing bit is that it jumps back up to full battery when it hits the red.

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Check all your connections and be sure that everything makes sense in terms of how it’s connected, proper wire gauges etc. Be sure that the inverter is solidly grounded to the same ground as the house battery and starting battery (vehicle chassis).

Everything should have a common ground, including the solar panels.

You’re loading it somehow, whether it’s a short or something running that you’re not aware of. Be careful. If it’s shorted it could lead to a fire. I’d suggest inspecting all of the wiring for signs of heat (burnt, dark, smoke, etc).

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