Introduction to the forum!

hey guys, my names Ryley. I’m from Whitehorse Yukon CAN, next door neighbors to Alaska. I found this forum and think it will provide me with some great advice for my project! I currently have a 28’ enclosed snowmobile trailer that I use to haul around toys with in both summer and winter. the previous owner set it up with 3 folding beds, some LED lighting throughout, and 110 power such as some outlets and a microwave. I’m having some issues with the wiring as both my batteries got killed this last winter. it currently does not charge when i drive, nor when plugged into shore. my plan is to rewire the trailer and install a few more goodies such as a small kitchen area with a sink, water heater, and a new propane furnace. does anyone have a recommendation where i should post about my build? i can post some photos and whatever else is needed. im looking for some wiring info (ive already purchased a basic schematic from Far Out Ride)