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Introduce Yourself…

May I introduce myself a bittle (=a little bit), I am Me, a creative shamanic coach, who loves to live in the now and to create shamanic guided journeys within so that people can continue their life journeys in a balanced and hopefully more sorted out and organised way!

Communication and connection in many different ways are my interests.

I have always dreamt about a van life, but I am mighty good at finding different hindrance to not fulfilling that dream.
I am a minimalistic nomad or as some friends call me, a stray cat. Now it is time to find a forever home and settle down or at least something towards that direction.

First step is to collect money, knowledge and lots more.
Second step - Invite people to my camping house in near North of Sweden for more knowledge sharing this summer as always!

Then just repeat until done I believe !

Greetings & Welcome!


Good Luck & we’ll look forward to hearing more.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller

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Good Day & Welcome @Journeyswithin!

I like the shamanic Idea… I am also about to just start my van journey by buying a vehicle. Yet, I am not able to because of financial issues.

You also talk about earning more money before putting your dreams into plan. How do you approach that? :slight_smile:

Yes, I approach it by living my life authentic, follow my heart and trust my intuition as most people do as I presume?
I will have enough money in Autumn.
If you allow me, I can teach you my easy methods?