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My name is Breese and I’m 76. My wife Jenny is 53 and has MS. We want to hit the road and see the country living full time in a van. Currently considering a Ford Transit 350 HD EXT dually to build in. All advice and assistance will be deeply appreciated.

Greetings & Welcome!

I would suggest a MUCH CHEAPER older motorhome. Not only is it move in ready, it will be MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE.

Then you can spend the money saved on actual enjoyment.

Vans can be great for singles, but leave a lot to be desired for couples. They’re just too cramped. There will always be times when you’re just hunkered down inside due to weather, or many other reasons.

Having your own toilet, shower, full kitchen, comfortable seating, comfortable beds, climate control, etc. etc. can make the difference between a great time & a miserable one.

Even when I’m by myself, I much prefer motorhomes over camper vans, and I have had many, and built many too. Since I’m a fulltimer, the only time I choose a van now is when there are no motorhomes available when I need one.

All that being said, floor plans mean EVERYTHING. Hold out for one that will be super comfortable. Some can feel cramped, awkward, or claustrophobic. Now that it’s off season, there should be some great deals available.


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