Introducing Ones Self

Introduce Yourself…

Hi Guys - Vanessa here, live in the UK but set to travel Europe. Just in the process of building my Van so will be asking lots of daft questions im sure :slight_smile:



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Greetings & Welcome!

I’m in the USA, but have quite a bit experience, so ask away.


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Cheers Van_Dweller, and welcome to you too.

im just at the planning stage at the moment as the weather hear in the UK is about to turn for a cold/wet spell so I don’t want to be drilling and cutting holes in my van yet :slight_smile: So currently looking at the various options and how best to do thing.

Hey girl hey!

I’m so excited for you! Keep us updated to where you go! I’m in need of some more Europe-traveling friends right now… The cold has scared everyone away!


Many of us believe that putting holes in the roof of a van is a big mistake. What type of van do you have?

If it’s a cargo van, obviously you will need to insulate and finish the interior floor, walls, and ceiling. If it’s a passenger van, it can be as simple as removing the rear seats, and moving your new interior in.

With a good heater, it is totally possible to work inside your van, even in brutally cold weather. I got a kerosene heater, so my van was toasty to work in even during a brutally cold winter. I was living in it from the day I bought it, and completed it over the course of a little over a week. The hardest part was it was stripped when I got it, so I needed to source replacing the original floor, walls, and window moldings from wrecking yards. The rest of my build was as simple as moving my furniture in and securing it. I really didn’t build anything this time around, and not actually building anything in pays dividends every single day. I could transfer everything to a different van within a couple of hours if the need arose. All my furniture is regular house style furniture, and just moved in, rather than built in. It may not be as pretty as some, but it’s way more comfortable than most. I chose comfort over picture perfect.

I live “in” my van, not out of my van. I also work from my van, and I spend a great deal of time inside my van, so comfort and fully functional were important to me. A nice kitchen, and my own toilet and shower were must haves for me, as well as plenty of power, heating, cooling, and ventilation. Even with all these things, my conversion cost under $300 for everything.

Since you’re contemplating this, it’s never too soon to start learning how you’re going to make money while traveling. Building an online business can take time, and I wouldn’t suggest out until you had all your financing figured out and reliable.


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