Introducing myself female in Maryland

Introduce Yourself…

Trying to follow the van forum rules…
Solo female, I’m here living in my minivan for just over 2 years.

Not my first choice, but remaining the owner of my two dogs ages 11 and 12 is my biggest priority. I can’t afford a place by myself, and haven’t found a safe place to rent in my area soooo minivan life it is. I 100% consider myself a member of the homeless community. I don’t hate it as it keeps my small family of me and dogs in tact but I don’t find it exciting either.

I’ve recently saved up some money to build out my minivan hopefully improve the comfort level for me and the pups. I own a Honda Odyssey 2007 I joined here so I can hopefully get some advice from those with experience.

:crossed_fingers: About the vibe here… I seem to be a different kinda thinker than those in other forums I’ve joined. Thanks in advance for any helpful info.

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Greetings & Welcome!

I’ve been a nomad since 1963, so I’m probably think differently than many others too.

I’ve built & helped build many campers over the years, so I might be able to provide some good advice along the way.


"Day Labor = Work Today, Get Paid Today. Win/Win" ~ Nomad-Norm