Internet VS Freedom

Introduce Yourself…

Hi There my name is Itai and I’m planning on going doing the Pan American Highway.
I’m going to start my journey around January 2021, and eventually buy a van after traveling a while with some friend.

My main goal was always to become immersed in the world around me. I saw this life style a year ago and I thought it was pretty cool, but I didn’t really think I would do it because it seemed like a lot of work.
But right now I’m in a different stage in my life, and I feel that the best type of travel that suits me is Van Life. It gives me the freedom that I crave and allows me to do the things that I want and be free during traveling.

So that’s my biggest dilema, because to be free you do need to make some sacrifices, and I have enough money, but I don’t want to be broke afterwards, so I’ll probably need a job in the internet.

The main reason I wrote this post is to understand is how can I still travel freely and earn money but not becoming completly enslaved to the internet.

Many thanks for any answer.