Internet in Canada options?

Internet for vanlife in Canada

  • What is the best way to get internet on the road in Canada especially those remote areas? wifi booster, High gain dB antenna, MiFi (mobile hotspot), cell booster, or something else?

  • Which device is most reliable?

  • We’re thinking of using a wifi booster but trying to decide on something that is low installation, doesn’t take up much space, and can either be plugged in via 12v socket or can be charged using USB

    • We looked at some USB stick with antenna type boosters but the dB seems too low, thoughts?
  • If using a Wifi booster is a dual band needed or can we get away with single band 2.4GHz?

As a field geologist I’ve found that external boosters and “high gain” antennas do very little. Better to find a good location to do your cell/internet work. To increase range, put yourself in a location, usually high up, that overlooks major highways, or towns with cell towers. Realize that most cell tower antennas are directional, and they are directed toward the most likely users (highways and towns). I remember being on top of the Empire State Building in the middle of Manhattan with no signal to my Verizon cell phone.