Interested in Van Life - Can I Tour Your Van? DeLand, FL

Hey there, my boyfriend and I are interested in starting van life full time in 2021. However, we have yet to tour or see a conversion van in real life. My bf is 6’ 4" so we are concerned about the interior height of the van and if he’ll feel claustrophobic. This may be a shot in the dark but, is there anyone in the DeLand, FL or surrounding are (Orlando, Daytona, etc.) that has a high roof Ford Transit they’d be willing to let us tour?? We’d like to know what it feels like to be in a fully converted van, as empty ones just don’t do it justice. Any feedback about living in a van as a tall person would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

If you can wait a few months and it is not canceled you can check this out - - It’s not super far from you in FL and you will be able to check out lots of different rigs there. It’s also a really cool and chill event. At least one we look forward too. A lot of people come there and car camp or tent camp as well. Also Asheville, NC is great if you have never been.

We have a promaster and while 6’1 fits, 6’4 might not. Transits have a taller roof for sure.