Integrating Ecoflow Delta Pro

Newbie here. Thanks for this great forum! :pray:

I’m currently building out a Sprinter van and already own an EcoFlow Delta Pro w/3600 wh of storage capacity. I’m working through the process of integrating it into the van, but, to charge the unit via the van’s alternator, Ecoflow has an XT60 - cigarette port adapter… but, my 2022 Sprinter doesn’t even have a cigarette Port, :joy:!
Is it possible to run a cable from the van’s charging system, back to the “garage” and into the XT60 port on my EcoFlow? Do I run a wire/cable from the van’s charging system back to the “garage?”

I know the “purists” out there will say that a traditional battery bank system is the way to go, but, since I already own the EcoFlow, I’d like to integrate it into the build.

Thanks for the time.


Yes, it’s possible.

Yes, you can hard wire cigarette plug socket into a permanent live circuit, although it would also be wise to include an inline switch in a convenient and accessible place. and not to mention an inline fuse on the positive wire somewhere close to the battery.