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Hey everyone

Just bought a transit van that we wana convert. We have geico for insurance and i insured it as a van now bc its not converted yet, but she said if i convert it then they will not offer coverage. What do you guys do for insurance? Any company recommendations? Am I supposed to let them know of it being converted? When i called them to get a quote before i purchased it they never mentioned not covering it if converted.

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Insurance can be a huge problem for DIY campers. Basically if you modify a vehicle in any way, and don’t get it approved by yourr insurance company, that gives them an excuse to deny any claims. Many insurance company’s will take your money, but then deny your claim and cancel your policy.

My insurance man said “You can haul anything you want, and secure it, but you can’t modify the vehicle in any way, or your claim can be denied. There is an exception if the work is done by a licensed, bonded, and certified contractor or business. In your case, (my case), that means an RVIA certified shop or contractor that can put in writing that the RVIA safety standards have been met.”.

In short, the insurance companies will screw you over whenever possible. All that fine print is for their benefit, not yours.

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Thanks for letting me know. I just bought it yesterday and hopefully i dont run into too many issues with that. I wanted to ask on here what others do for insurance. If they are having issues as well. I cant afford to pay an actual company to convert the van. Hopefully others chime in with what they are doing.

It is really going to depend a lot on your state. We have State Farm and are insured as a motor home. We had to call about 15 different people before we got legit insurance. Our promaster is also a commercial vehicle so that is different as well and I believe made difficult to find even standard insurance.

I’ve filed claims and never had a problem. It’s definitely something I wouldn’t take a chance on. It also might be pricier than you hope. Originally we were at about $250 a month for full coverage on a new vehicle. Since June it’s dropped to $100 and has never gone back up.

Did you guys convert the van yourself or was it done by a company?

We did it ourselves. Are still doing it ourselves. We change things at times.

These things are so different around the world that it is just funny. Insurance is mandatory by law here, which means that insurance companies must give your vehicle an insurance.

Passing an inspection and having your vehicle registered here is a whole different ball game though.