Insurance for Mercedes Sprinter van

Hi my name is Craig Schultz newbie and this spring I purchased a new 2019 2500 Mercedes diesel sprinter van. I am just finishing up my camper conversion process DIY and will be very happy with the finished product.
My question is this. My insurance company is saying that since the van is rated as a commercial vehicle I must pay commercial insurance rates. They are charging me $294 per month. I have explained to them that I have turned it into a RV and it will not be used for any commercial purposes. They say it doesn’t matter because of the rating on the van is commercial.
If anybody has any advice of a insurance company that will work with you and give you a better rates please let me know. Desperate in Palm Springs California.


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Greetings & Welcome!

Tons of people get confronted with the same problem, just one more reason why cargo vans are a poor choice.

Some people have luck going to a broker who represents many different insurance companies, but in some states that won’t help. If it’s a state law you’re up against, your only choice is to register it in a different state.

In some states, you might also be able to register it as an RV which can mean very cheap insurance, but it comes with other pitfalls, such as areas which prohibit RV parking on city streets. Mine is registered as a passenger van, so with the exception of height restrictions, or no camping ordinances, I am legal to park on any street.

Good Luck!


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Hey Craig, what did you end up getting as far as RV insurance?