Insulating around side window

I have an E350 XL and am currently adding furring strips to hold my walls in place, anyone have some tips on how to work around the driver’s side window? It’s got the latches on the bottom which the plastic molding originally gave a gap for now I have some spacers temporarily to keep the window shut.

The 1x2 shown in the pictures is mounted to the sheet metal with rivnuts and some bolts, that’s probably how I’m going to do the lower frame of the window area. the gap on the window close is about 1/4" wide.


I fail to see the problem…


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Well it’s a little hard to describe, but I could either put a 1x2 lower down and more flush with my current furring, or if I place it next to the window, mounting it might be a bit of a challenge, but I could route out some slots for the window latches.

I’m not quite getting what you’re suggesting in the highlighted areas, that’s not a flush surface, I guess I could put my mount points directly underneath the latches and then inset the 1x2s up and closer to the window surface.

The other pictures illustrate the difference in depth better.