Installing ZeroBreeze in minivan camper

I just was curious if you had a suggestion for me to permanently mount my zerobreeze ac in my 2006 Toyota Sienna minivan camper conversion I did. Like maybe putting in a permanent hot air vent by cutting a hole in the van instead of my makeshift window vent system. Or could you get a small MaxxAir fan and vent out that way? Just curious if anyone had a cool way.

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I really dislike cutting any holes in my rigs for any reason, that’s what opening windows are for.

It’s all in the adapter you make for utilizing the windows. It can be efficient, convenient, and look good too.

I use that plastic equivalent of cardboard available at most building supply stores, for many of my projects. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and easy to work with. For simplicity I frequently use a complimentary color of duct tape for all the joints & seals. Quick, cheap, easy, effective, and good looking. Sometimes it’s best to just be creative while thinking outside of the box.

If that Zero Breeze doesn’t work out, swamp coolers work great, and use very little power.


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I feel the exact opposite of Van_Dweller, although I do think he has a valid opinion. I would definitely not be quick to cut a hole in the van. Once you cut a hole, you can’t uncut a hole. You can save the cutouts and get them welded back in place, but that can be pricey, so I would still think about the holes as a permanent modification.

I would not cut holes if…

  • You think you might pull all your conversion work out of the van one day and sell it as a standard van.
  • You’re not convinced that you’re happy with the ZeroBreeze and might want a different solution in the future.

If none of those are true, why not? You already have holes in your van for wiring, roof racks, solar cables, and whatnot …so a couple of extra holes are not a big deal to me. Having a permanent location would likely make your life much easier and sleeping it more enjoyable.

Just be very thoughtful about where you cut the holes because, as I said above, it is permanent. Take time to figure out the possible locations and what impact it might have on future modification by you or someone who might buy it one day. Personally, I would only cut the holes in the floor because they are large with a ZeroBreeze, but that’s just me. You’re more familiar with your own van than I am.

If you do, I would cut holes the exact size of the vent tubes. Not larger or smaller. Forcing the air through smaller holes than they are designed to be could harm the ZeroBreeze.