Installing lights and electronics (Goal Zero)

Hi everyone, am hoping you could help me figure out some electrical wiring procedures.

I am converting my 97 Astro and just purchased a Goal Zero Boulder 100 and a Yeti 400 to run all my electronics. I am having trouble finding a definitive guide for installing the LED ceiling lights (Acegoo 12V).

Here’s my general understanding: install the lights, attach (-) and (+) wiring to the lights with quick splice wire connectors to a single zone switch/ dimmer (12V). Then run more wires to a fusebox from the dimmer, then run wires from the fusebox to the goal zero. Is this in the ball park? I still have no idea which type/ diameter of wires to use :frowning:

This is a good guide for wire sizing, fuse sizing and the like. It is for boats, but it works on water then it is more than enough on land. Probably more so.