Inspiration for an Airstream

Hey guys,

I am looking for some inspiration/ideas for a new project. I am looking into buying an Airstream and completely renovate it and make it my own. I already got a hold on a nice air stream and should be buying it in July (around the 15th), if all goes well. It is a fair price, as the interior is not that recent and needs to be renovated.
Now here comes the part, where I need your help.
I want ideas on how i can design and renovate the airstream. I am following an Instagram Account (Sasha Juliard) and he just finished doing his. It looks really nice and of course I will follow some of his steps and guides, but I would appreciate if you could help me out as well. Of course you can send Instagram Accounts or Pictures and I will take a closer look at them.

PS: Budget is always something you have to consider in these situations. :sweat_smile: I am willing to spend up to 10k, but this is a project, that will take its time and should not be completed in one month. I want to complete it over the course of one year (think it is quite realistic). I will be building everything on my own, but also with the help of some friends…

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Just keep in mind that remodeling a factory interior will often devalue it. Refreshing it is often a better choice.

Too many people seriously regret their remodeling when it comes time to sell it, and we rarely keep things as long as we think we will.


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Hey there,

I understand the value question, however if we give it our own touch, it will be always be a place like “home”. That is why I was thinking about remodeling the inside of the airstream.

But thank you for the tip! :blush:

Not sure how you plan on building out the walls, but my biggest mistake was not putting in more studs or more furring strips to attach things too. They are still solid, I just wish I had more attachment points.

If you are gutting it I would definitely weight it gutted, then figure out how much weight you have to play with. Don’t forget to include yourself and all you belongings when figuring out how much you can or cannot add. This is also going to have some type of bearing on what you need to use to tow it.

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I don’t know much about the technical things…but new fabric on cushions and new paint on cabinets can go a long way to making it feel fresh and newer.

Ok that is something I really need to consider! Have never really thought about the weight Problem and how I will tow it etc. Thank you very much

I was thinking about something in this direction: simple and beige… and the cushion with a Moroccan style, as it is one of my favourite countries to visit.

That sounds like it will look nice. When a friend and I were looking at Airstreams once we realized that for the most part they are all very similar inside but what made them different were the colors they used.

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That is what I say, when I mean we have to give our own touch. Otherwise, it is always the same and it does not feel like home :smiley:

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