Information about 1997 E-350

I recently got my hands on a 1997 Ford E-350 Passenger van with just over 100000 miles on it. For the price it was sold for it was an absolute steal.

My concern is that it is very old for a van (I was born the same year this was manufactured!). What kind of issues do i need to look out for with a vehicle like this? Does anyone have experience with this model van?

I have a 2000 model of that van and so far it’s been really good. Replace the wear items and all the fluids, replace the tires if they’re more than 6 years old or so (there should be a date code on the tires). If it’s the Triton engine (I think the '97 had them), the spark plugs can blow out, but it’s a fairly rare occurrence. There’s an inexpensive way to fix blown spark plugs by using an insert kit. I carry the kit in my van in case it happens - should take a mechanic 2 hours max to repair.

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