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Husband and I have wanted to go on the road in a self made van for a long time. Kids are now grown and we’re looking towards retirement. Now to get that van and get building.

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Greetings & Welcome!

Before deciding to build your own, take a look at factory camper vans and small motorhomes. Older ones can often be found in near new condition for very little money.

The biggest percentage of people who have built their own regret it, lose a bunch of money on it, and wind up getting a factory built unit.

People who do build their own frequently say it takes at least 3 times to get it right, usually more. What looks good on paper, or in your head, frequently doesn’t work well in real life. Many people say their builds are never done, and they’re constantly spending big bucks to change things.

Study older pre-electronic, pre-solar rigs. They are much better than all the newer BS that requires constant maintenance & repairs. add a CB radio if you plan to go off grid, and reliable internet when it’s available, but keep everything else old school and reliable.


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I keep struggling with this very topic. You make a very good point. Just need to find that vehicle. Thanks for your comments and insights.