In search of that new home on wheels


Hey Everyone! I have been reading and researching the van life going on a year now. I am curious if anyone has any hidden gem websites for finding that new home on wheels?


I’d recommend our marketplace. But since we just launched there isn’t much on there.

You can check websites like autotrader, autotempest, crasgislist, or even google “campervans for sale” or something similar


Oh yea and also Facebook sell/marketplace groups (or whatever their called) is another place to look. You can just search the same thing on Facebook and hopefully find some local groups on there.


I agree Facebook may be a good place! My partner and I found ours by just checking Craigslist everyday



I like Craigslist, but if you have penny saver type printed ads, or local newspaper classifieds, they can also be a great resource, because many seniors don’t do the internet, and are offering the best deals.

Some areas also have for sale by owner car lots, which could potentially also be a good resource.



What kind of vehicle are you looking for? I found my stepvan on Offer-up app. Craigslist can be a pia. There’s also clubs where member buy/sell/trade etc.


Hello all! I have a 1982 VW Vanagon beige in color for sale. It’s in good condition and I recently put a new canvas on the pop-up portion. Send me a note if you’re interested and I can flip you some pics.