In Need of some Interviews from VanLifers! :)

Hey VanLifers!!
I am currently in school working to pursue a career in journalism/photojournalism! For one of my first stories, I am writing on living it up in a van! I’m missing the adventure while being in school, but would love to hear all about yours!
If you’re willing to answer a few questions in regards to the trips you’ve been/are on or just about van life in general and what got you into this lifestyle, either over phone or via email, I would be most appreciative!! Thank you so much!
Keep it real,


I can answer some questions!

Happy to help! My insta is @madeontheroaduk - pop me an email

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Happy to answer some questions/send photos etc you can Message me on Insta gypsy_gemini17

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Awesome!! What’s the best way to contact you?? Thank you!

Hi Tay,
we would be happy to help.
you can easily reach out to us via
looking forward to hear from you ,
cheers from (currently Vancouver, BC, Canada :maple_leaf:),
Sabrina and Julian from Van_Safari (from Canada to Argentina in 7 months)

Hey there. I’m down!