Importance of Static Insurance?

Hey Guys!

I hope all of you are enjoying good health and wealth. Recently, I purchased a used caravan and looking for insurance. Actually, we don’t use this van a lot and only use it on holidays so, should we can static caravan insurance for you? Can you please explain its importance? I was just looking some static caravan insurance quotes at here but still confused about its pros and cons.

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I’m in the USA, and I’m not really familiar with the term “static insurance”, but I can tell you how I figure mine out.

I carry just liability insurance that doesn’t cover my vehicle. If I had full coverage on my older vehicle, it would pay out less than the payments over the course of a year would cost me. So I just keep an emergency fund large enough to replace everything, and live on for at least a year. Then I only pay for the cheaper insurance.

The insurance wouldn’t pay me enough to replace everything anyway, so I’d rather save the money.

If it costs $10 a month extra, it might be worth it. Insurance values my van at $1,000, but they want $100 a month extra for full coverage. That would cost me more per year than what they’d pay me. Putting it into a bank account makes better sense in my case.



Actually, static insurance is considered good for caravans that are stayed one place and we don’t use them a lot. Maybe it covers your investment. My friend told me about this insurance few days ago, I am also still searching on it. Anyways, thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

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