I'm so confused

Hi all,
I don’t really do social media of any kind, but I do have a converted dodge promaster that I am looking to sell. We are switching over to a slide in from total composites™ and going to try to do a build out there–stay tuned. Anyway, the van has been great, but we are selling it, info below, let me know if you are interested.

  1. Solar system with inverter (320w panels)
  2. Sink (with shurflo 12v electric pump)
  3. Aluminess Roof Rack
  4. Camco Wave 6 heater
  5. 2 inch hitch
  6. A spare set of tires
  7. Queen-sized memory foam bed
  8. Arb 12v refrigerator/freezer
  9. Screen kit for the back doors (nice to have in the summer)
  10. Custom propane tank
  11. 20 gallon freshwater tank
  12. Samsung tablet (as tv)

I have the owner’s manual for most everything I installed.

It has about ~89,000 miles and is the 159 wheelbase (large size / high roof).


I’m not in the market for a van but it would be nice if you mention where the van is located.

Ha, that is probably a good idea…Near Spokane WA