I'm looking for small RV or Van to buy



I’m looking for small RV or Van to buy, I am on a budget, the most important thing is that it is mechanically sound. I am 60 years young, receive SSDI, I need somewhere to live out my life, the best I can.
I can, work on the interior a little at a time, but, I’m very concerned with getting a vehicle that I won’t break down every 50 miles or so.
If anyone is selling a Toyota RV, low mileage, good shape for less than 4 grand, or a hightop van within my budget? Please let me know.
I live in Southern CA. Needing to get away from the high cost of living here.
I guess? I just need a miracle or a good decent friend?. Both, will be cherished forever.



I’ll try and do some searching for you. But 4k is a pretty low budget. Although, it shouldn’t be impossible.


Hi HenryCooper, “low budget” is “t he story of my life” LOL Thanks for trying, I’m still looking.
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I somehow lost the link.
Take care,
Again, thanks.