I'm homeless nee van car rv anything will help also cash app

I’m homeless I have no where to turn
No car no home. Please a rv or van would be great.
Cash app $curtwes33
If someone could even cash app me for food clothes or a motel tonight or tomorrow
Please please help


Put a free ad up on Craigslist or similar. Many people get free motorhomes that way.


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Still homeless. Good people don’t exist anymore


In the 15 days since your original post, you’ve had more than enough time to get out of homelessness.

If you’re an addict (drugs, alcohol, weed, gambling, gaming, etc.) go to rehab. It’s free, and within 30 days you’ll be clean, re-educated with proper life skills, have a job (including training if needed), and affordable housing. You don’t need to be an addict to take advantage of these programs either, all you need is a referral from a caseworker, but you have to ASK for rehab, addict or not, they don’t just offer it as an option.

If you’re not an addict, and you have ID, you can go to walk in day labor, work and get paid the same day, eat, get a cheap motel room, and save the rest. Rinse & repeat every day. No education or experience needed for many of the jobs.

If you don’t have ID, you go to where the illegal’s go for day labor. Usually a street corner, or big box store parking lot. You could also fly a sign at a Home Depot, Lowes, etc. looking for work.

THERE IS ALWAYS JOBS!!! Mow some lawns, pull some weeds, just walk down any residential street and it’s easy to find lawns that need attention. Many of them will already have a lawnmower, and just need somebody to do the work because they can’t do it anymore, or don’t have the time.

Wash some cars, clean some windows, clean some toilets. Restaurants always need dishwashers & bus people, bars need bar backs, and both might include free meals.

Many used car lots & RV lots will hire you instantly to clean & wash cars & RV’s. Many will even let you live in an old RV they have. Their workers are often homeless to start out. Work your way up to salesman and make big $$$.

Forget public/government assistance. They only enable homelessness. Jobs/money is what you need. I buy my way out of homelessness the same day it happens. Money is the correct answer, and it’s the easiest thing in the world to acquire. Everybody needs something, so find a need and get paid to fill it.

Tons of jobs on Craigslist, many you could start the same day, sign spinners get paid well.

Jobs/money always comes first. I’ve loaded junk hauling trucks for $50/hr. Driven ice cream trucks or pedicabs for $500+ a day. Lawn care for $40/hr.

Take a job as a live in caregiver or companion. House sit, pet sit, lawn/plant watering, dog walker. I made $200 in 2-3 hours in the evening painting street numbers on curbs for $10-$20/ea. In the winter you can shovel snow. Fairs & carnivals are always hiring, I made $500+ a day in commissions running game booths.

Once you learn how to make money, life is so incredibly easy… For $100 I can buy a bicycle and build a bicycle pulled camper with all the luxuries of a motorhome. That’s just one days worth of work, and you’ll own it and be living rent free. Life can be as easy or as difficult as we choose to make it. College doesn’t guarantee you a good life or good wages, many fast food workers are college grads. You have to learn how to make money, and create your own jobs if need be.

I’ve made & lost many fortunes in my life. I’ve had to start over with nothing due to hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods, robbery, car jacking, identity theft, & more. With or without ID, I could always make plenty of money to avoid homelessness. IN ONE DAY!!! Then you build back from there. I’ve never gone hungry, but I’ve cleaned the restrooms of restaurants for a meal. I’ve bought rainsuits, plastic drop cloth’s, shower curtains, or plastic table cloth’s from dollar stores to make a poncho & shelter myself from rain/snow storms, and heated them with candles if it was too cold out. I’ve used them to make tube tents if need be, and had my own heated shelter for only a couple of bucks. I’ve fished or caught crawdads to feed myself, or picked a basket of wild blackberries or blueberries.

There are nearly unlimited ways to survive & thrive without the need for public/government assistance. We need to learn to rely only upon ourselves, because assistance from others can take too long, or be totally unavailable. It’s the game called life, and everybody needs to learn to play it well to come out a winner.

Technically, I’ve been homeless my entire adult life, by choice & rent free. Most of it has been living in the luxury of my own RV of one type or another, traveling the country while working full time, often for myself. Today, I work for myself, online, from the comfort of my self built motorhome, while still traveling the country.

Circumstances beyond our control can and do happen, but each and every one of us has the choice of how to deal with it and recover from it. If we choose wisely, we can be back on top in no time, and life goes on. We are each responsible for our own successes or failures, not our friends or families, not society, and not the government. Playing victim gets us nowhere. We have to play the game to win it.


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