I'm gray water phobic

I’m a 52 year old single woman who has wanted to live in a van since the 7th grade. Diogenes is my homie. I don’t plan on needing black water but poop and pee don’t bother me. They just don’t gross me out. I have figured out how I’m gonna do the poop and pee thing, no problem. But I am grossed out by the gray water concept. Every van dweller has their thing, amirite! The idea of spitting down a van sink and the having it go into a holding area grosses me right out. And then I gotta dump my own spit and food residue, and other gray water effluvium? Throw your opinions and ideas at me and I’ll love you forever!

Working at a wastewater treatment plant probably shouldn’t be on your list of career options.


How about no gray water tank at all? Just a bowl as a sink. Empty it out of the door, assuming you are in a place that it is possible. That way you will also eventually use less water.

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Thinking outside the box…this is what I came here for! Thank you for chiming in. I should have mentioned that I’m going to be leaning toward urban stealth vs. mountain climber type person.

You could drain your sink through the floor in your van and simply put a bucket there to catch the water and dump it in the grass or down the street drain.
Or you could install a gray water tank under your van and dump it when it is full. With the right valve and hose system, it could be fairly sanitary. That is how real RVs and many Van dwellers do it. If you can handle #1 & #2 this should be easy. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the pep talk! I really appreciate it! I like all your ideas, and I think the ball valve idea would work best. Thank you!!