I'm a newbie, you're a newbie - let's be friends

Hi! I’m Phoebe and I live in my '97 Renaukt Trafic named Sheila (she’s a good girl). To me, she is perfect, even the rust. I am currently stationary staying with family while I get some repairs done, she needs a new exhaust fitted and some holes need patching (hoping this isnt too expensive! any advice on welding/patching rust holes - thanks!). Hopefully back on the road after that.

I’m very glad to be here and I hope that by finding a community I can share my journey and engage with other van people - the people in my life ‘dont get it’ and I often end up feeling very alone and that leads me to doubt and fear which are not welcome!

Anyways, just wanted to say hi - Hi!

Welcome to the forum. I hope the repairs go well. There’s a good community here.

Thank you :slight_smile: All luck and good vibes are welcome haha