I'll be moving on to a different forum:))

I can see one or two folks dominate the conversation here! I’d recommend easing off the VAN SNOB peddle a tad. You’ve lived in a shoe for 40 years…I get it:))

How on Earth does having experience passed the recent trend make one a snob?

When I have had questions, and no one else has been willing or able to respond, I’m happy that someone gives me options that I may not have thought of- whether I follow the advice or not.

By all means, go elsewhere.
Happy travels.

I get what he is saying, I am also tired of being told that I know nothing because I haven’t lived in a van for 40 years.

Greetings & Welcome!

You’re obviously welcome to stay or leave, but if you have better advice or ideas, why not stay and share them?


"Know a better way? TEACH OTHERS!" ~ Road Warrior