IGN signal wire 2020 transit

I have a smart alternator and ccp2 on my 2020 transit. I got the 50A DCDC charge controller from renogy that says to connect the IGN wire back to the alternator.

Apparently people have issues here and some people buy relays and connect

Apparently, we cant just run off pin 2 which is the engine run signal. I guess the issue is this is +/-

Ive seen people split it using pin 2 and pin 6(ignition 10A to system relay box)

I understand everything else abkut this but im stick here…

If i dont use the IGN wire, then what? The 175A ccp2 is only powered when the system is on, but because the smart alternator varies when the vehicle is stopped i guess it causes issues.

Any help is appreciated

I have taken a live directly from the starting battery positive and put a manual switch on my dashboard because I had the same issue with my T5.

Switching it on before I go anywhere has become just another part of my engine starting routine and for me this is the most convenient way to run my DC-DC charger.

Just remember to switch it off when the engine isn’t running because you will have fully charged service batteries but also a dead starting battery!

I hope this helps!

From my understanding the ccp2 (consumer connection point) is onky on when the ignition is on.

More wondering if it wont be efficient or work if i dont connect the IGN since it has "smart regenerative charging

So ill leave this up as i dont see much else related to the topic. I figured out that prior to 2020, mainly 2016-2019, in transits with the smart regenerative charging (SRC) an IGN wire needs to be connected to the E33-C comnection via pigtail connector and relay. Theres info online but its convoluted.

I finally got under my seat and as of 2020 Ford has spliced these for us. All my worries and hours digging through forums were not actually needed. Just plug in now.