Ideas to Upgrade Van Speakers?


Finally, spring is coming and I am thinking to upgrade my stereo system. In this regard, I am thinking to replace speakers with high-quality ones. This is the first time to replace them and yes, we have the factory ones in doors area etc. I am totally newbie in this matter. I found this article reliable in this regard. However, I am still confused that which speaker should I buy.

My online research says that coaxial speakers are easy to install as a replacement of factory one. I found a list of both component and coaxial speakers here but I am not sure which one should I purchase to install for van door.

All in all, I am confused. Please share your experience of installing new speakers in your van. Especially in van doors. Waiting for your suggestions.

go to Crutchfielddotcom and you should see mid page “see what fits your car” enter info and make your choices thru there or find same speakers elsewhere, compare prices

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